Why choose Shinetime

Shinetime Early Learning and Kindergarten Center follows the Victorian Framework and sets the highest expectations for every child.
It identifies five Early Years Learning and Development Outcomes for all children:
• Children have a strong sense of identity
• Children are connected with and contribute to their world
• Children have a strong sense of wellbeing
• Children are confident and involved learners
• Children are effective communicators.
The Victorian Framework describes each of these Outcomes for children from birth to eight years, linking the learning outcomes from the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia to the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS)
Levels 1 and 2. The Outcomes provide a shared language for all early childhood professionals and families to use when planning for children’s learning and development.
The Victorian Framework identifies eight Practice Principles for Learning and Development, which describe the most effective ways for early childhood professionals to work together and with children and families to facilitate learning and development. These Principles are based on the pedagogy of the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia and the P–12 ,Principles of Learning and Teaching, and on the latest international evidence about the
best ways to support children’s learning.
In addition, the Victorian Framework emphasises the importance of supporting children’s and families’ transitions as they move within and across services throughout the early
childhood period.
We at Shinetime are happy to assist you with any questions about the center / Rebates or the Nationay Framework.

More information can be found online By visiting mychild.gov.au.

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