What are the benefits

At Shinetime we are privilege to have our educators with 10 plus years experienced.The Benefits are as follows :

1] Over Ratio of Educators
2] Drama and Music Module
3] Technology Module
4] Yoga and Dance Module
5] Language Modules [ JAPANESE /SPANISH]
6] Film and Theater Module

Are only some of the allocated programs..

What are our aims:

  • encourage children to explore, solve problems, communicate, think, create and construct
  • use their judgement to support children’s learning and development through a combination of child-led and adult-led play-based learning, as well as active teacher led learning
  • create physical environments that support a range of opportunities for learning and physical activity, both indoors and outdoors
  • build on children’s interests, abilities, cultures and previous learning experiences to extend their thinking, learning and development
  • use child-centred approaches to explicitly teach particular knowledge and skills
  • recognise the connections between aspects of children’s learning and development.

Early childhood professionals assess children’s learning in ways that:

  • inform their practice
  • include children’s views of their own learning
  • are authentic and responsive to how children demonstrate their learning and development
  • draw on families’ perspectives, knowledge, experiences and expectations
  • consider children in the context of their families and provide support to families when necessary
  • value the culturally specific knowledge embedded within communities about children’s learning and development
  • are transparent and objective, and provide families with information about their children’s learning and development, and about what they can do to further support their children
  • gather and analyse information from a wide range of sources to help them assess and plan effectively
  • provide the best possible advice and guidance to children and their families