Terms and conditions

Waiting List Information,
Parents can place their child’s name on our waiting list by completing a Waiting List Registration Form. This form can be emailed or faxed to you (Please call us on 9716 8832). A $100 a – a refundable fee is payable for all families wishing to place their child’s name on the list, once a place is secure from the director the $100.00 deposit is then transferred to the Bond.

Once a place for your child has become available to you at Shinetime Childcare, we will formally offer you a position at the centre. In accepting this position, parents are asked to pay a security deposit (bond) of 4 weeks full child care fees to secure the position.

We ask that you pay your security deposit and childcare fees ASAP once the offer is made to your family. On receiving the bond, an enrolment package is forwarded to the parents to complete before their child’s first day of care.
Enrolment packages include: Child Enrolment Form and Personal History Record, Parent Handbook and Child Personal Profile

Enrolment is accepted once all forms are fully completed and returned within the specified timeframe. Children’s details are then passed onto our supervisor and room staff to ensure they are expecting the child on their first day of care. Children will have orientation visits before the commencement of care to ensure a smooth transition.

Change of Days
If parents wish to change, increase or decrease the days their child attends care, they can contact our supervisor.
Parents are required to provide 4 weeks’ notice to decrease days. Any other changes can be made in a timeframe agreed upon by the administration staff (subject to availability). We do our best to accommodate all parents’ childcare needs.

Cancellation of Care
When parents enrol with us they are required to pay a bond. This bond is held separately from fees to secure that position throughout their time in our care. The bond is refunded to parents when their child is withdrawn from the centre providing 4 weeks notice in writing given.

Priority of Access
We follow the priority of access guidelines defined by the Family Assistance Office. Refer: Department of Community Services Private Operators Long Day Care Handbook.

Fees, Charges and Invoicing
Please contact us for the latest fees and charges

Fees include; all meals, sleep blanket, sunscreen, nappies & wipes.
Parents are simply asked to bring a spare change of clothes in their child’s bag in case of any toileting accidents.

Child Care Benefit (CCB)
Child care benefit will be available to all families. Please note: all parents are entitled to some type of childcare benefit. On your child’s first day, you will be provided with the centre’s Childcare Provider Number to allow you to claim CCB as a fee reduction or as a lump sum claim at the end of the financial year.

If you wish to claim CCB or require further information please contact all the Family Assistance Office (FAO) on 13 61 50. To claim CCB you must register with the FAO and receive a Customer Reference Number (CRN). This number must be given to our supervisor as soon as it is received.

Parents are informed of daily fees when enrolling their child into care. Fees are charged according to the child’s room. Parents are advised in writing of any changes to fee charges. Fees are payable for Public Holidays and absences – just like any school fees, fees must be paid for every day that a child is enrolled, including public holidays, and when a child is sick or on holidays. A full daily fee is charged regardless of the number of hours your child attends. Fees are required to be paid 4 weeks in advance. There are many methods of paying available.