Kindergarten & Preschool

At Shinetime Early Learning and Kindergarten we offer rich and meaningful learning experiences for all children and their families. Our program is play-based and focuses on the children’s strengths and interests

Our centre consists of 3 different age groups:

Our 0-2 year old room has 8 babies with 2 full time early childhood educators

Our 2-3 year old room has 12 toddlers with 3 full time early childhood educators

We offer a fully funded Kindergarten program in a long day care setting. We have 10 children in our kindergarten room from the ages of 3-5 along with a degree trained kindergarten teacher and 2 qualified early childhood educators.

We also offer a general outing program to our 3-5 year old age group which allows four children at a time to be taken out of the centre with one adult. This is a great program for this age group as they can leave.

The Shinetime Early Learning and Kindergarten has strict adult supervision and become active citizens in the local community. It gives the children the opportunity to do things like go to the post office to post our mail when needed, go to the local supermarket so they can help us buy the ingredients for a cooking experience, go to the local library to borrow some new books to read, go to the local park to play some ball games etc – the opportunities are limitless.