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Children’s Development and Wellbeing

30 Oct Posted by admin

Children’s learning and development is holistic, advancing simultaneously in the areas of
health, cognition, personal and social development, and wellbeing.
Children’s learning and development is advanced when they are provided with
opportunities, support and engagement within their families and in partnership with
early childhood professionals.
By acknowledging each child’s identity, culture and spirituality, and responding
sensitively to their emotional states, early childhood professionals build children’s
confidence, sense of wellbeing and safety and willingness to engage in learning.
The Practice Principles for Learning and Development, which are outlined below, are
the foundations for professional practice for early childhood professionals working with
Victorian children from birth to eight years and their families. They are based on the
understanding that when professionals establish respectful and caring relationships
with children and families they are able to work together to deliver effective learning and
development experiences relevant to children in their local contexts. These experiences
gradually expand children’s knowledge and understanding of the world and promote
their health, safety and wellbeing.
The Practice Principles integrate the pedagogy that forms the basis of the Early Years
Learning Framework for Australia with the P–12 Principles of Learning and Teaching,
which inform the work of teachers in Victorian schools. The Practice Principles are based
on the latest international evidence about the best ways to support children’s learning.