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Starting School

30 Oct Posted by admin

Remember: Starting School.

Starting school is a major life transition for children and their families. It’s a time of change that can be both challenging and exciting, in which children and families adjust to new roles, identities and expectations, new interactions and new relationships.

The Transition: A Positive Start to School initiative is an important step towards achieving the following Blueprint goal:

by the time Victorian children start school they will be ready to learn at school and schools will be ready for them.

The initiative aims to improve children’s experience of starting school by enhancing the development and delivery of transition programs. This approach will enable a shared understanding between early childhood services and schools about what is important for children and their families during this exciting time.

It also introduces the Transition Learning and Development Statement, which families and educators can use to share information about children’s learning and development.

The initiative is accompanied by a comprehensive Transition: A Positive Start to School Resource Kit for schools and early childhood services, which provides detailed information about effective programs and approaches to transition planning, including advice about additional support for specific groups of children and families.