Our policies, procedures and forms

All activities at The Shinetime Early Learning & Kindergarten are guided by extensive, well-documented policies and procedures that have been formulated and approved by the Committee of Management (the COM) of the centre. Parents are encouraged to provide feedback to the committee or coordinator on any of the policies outlined below as The Centre is committed to continuous improvement, and policies and procedures are regularly updated. The aim of the policies is to ensure that there are well thought out and documented guidelines that ensure that the care and education provided to the children at the centre is of the highest quality.

3 day attendance
Behaviour guidance policy
Ceasing care & change of day policy
Child collection policy
Clothing policy
Code of conduct (parents) policy
Collection of sick child and fever management policy
Delivery and collection of children
Enrolment bond policy
Enrolment procedure
Family concern and complaint policy
Fees policy
Food and nutrition policy
General information
Incident, injury, trauma and illness
Inclusion and equity policy
Infectious diseases policy
Interactions with children policy
Late collection of child policy
Late fee policy
Management and governance
Management of asthma policy
Medical condition policy
Parent involvement policy
Preference for four year old funded places
Staffing policy
Sun-smart policy